Here are some frequently asked questions:

Is my home a good candidate for solar?

Most people are shocked to discover that perpetually sunny areas are not the only ones that can benefit from solar. Equally curious, are the nuances of heat distribution, ventilation and the angle of your roof. In most cases, we can adjust solar systems to any home. Basic requirements begin with:

1. You need to own your home.

2. Your utility bills should exceed $100 per month.

3. You plan on staying in your home for 5 or more years.

4. There’s more…contact us for more information.

Which is better, leasing or owning?

Leased systems look attractive on the surface. With no down payment and lower monthly costs, the attraction is hard to miss. If you don’t pay any Federal income taxes, leasing may actually be a better fit for you. However, for those that pay taxes, leasing, when accurately weighed against ownership, makes more sense. For example:

  • Owning a system increases your home’s value.
  • Owning your system is easier to transfer to a new owner.
  • Owning your system gives YOU the Federal tax credits.
  • Owning your own system delivers more control to you.

There are dozens of other benefits. See our book, “The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Solar” for details.

Will my roof support a solar system?

It is important to use licensed and bonded contractors who understand roof loads, stress, weight and the structural integrity of buildings. Installing a solar system is not a handyman activity and your installation must meet local code requirements.

Why is improving my home's energy efficiency important if I go solar?

Simply because you are harnessing inexhaustible solar power does not mean efficiency, leakage, insulation and your duct system is irrelevant.

Quite the opposite.

A well insulated and properly run HVAC system can double or triple the benefits of solar. Similarly, if one does not pay attention to the overall efficiency of their home, the benefits of solar can be wiped out before you even start.

Why should I go solar?

  • Solar reduces our country’s foreign energy dependency.
  • Solar protects you from ever rising utility rates.
  • Solar is reliable. Solar arrays have no moving parts and can last for over 30 years.
  • Solar is better for our environment.
  • Solar saves you money on an ongoing basis.
  • Solar improves your property’s value.

Where can I get more information?

We’ve literally written the book on solar for the consumer. Get your free copy. Click here.

Didn’t find the answer?

OK…So, nobody has all the answers! You may have a unique question or perhaps a new one we haven’t come across and that’s great! We love learning as much as we love teaching. Please drop us a line and let’s have a conversation. Together, we’ll find not just the right answer, but the right answer for you.

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  • "I've always had an interest in solar. Getting information online was confusing and contained mostly advertisements (which just added to the confusion!). 76 Solar cut through the clutter and gave us the clarity we were seeking. We've reduced our utility costs by over $137/month and our home just appraised for about $20,000 MORE since we went solar. Thanks!"
    Sara Reed