Who We Are & What We Do

At 76 Solar educating consumers about solar is what we live, breathe and passionately deliver day in and day out for nearly a decade.

As solar cells continue to increase in efficiency and decrease in cost, solar energy is no longer an elite energy source just for the space shuttle and university research. Homeowners across the globe are finally realizing measurable and tangible cost savings by harnessing the power of the sun.

76 Solar recognizes the myriad of government regulations, rebates, tax credits, utility company hurdles, red tape and ownership options can make anyone dizzy and confused.

Our mission is to eliminate that confusion.

Regardless of your ability to qualify for solar or not, we look forward to speaking with you personally about how you can harness the power of the sun to create a greener planet (and save a ton of money in the process).


“76 Solar is the most authentic and comprehensive organization for educating, empowering and fulfilling your desire for solar energy.”


  • Unfiltered solar education for consumers.

  • Personally empowering consumers.

  • Making our our homes and our planet cleaner and healthier.



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Specialization & Services

76 Solar is here to help lower your energy bills efficiently. Whether you want to save the planet, lower your utility bill, or just save money; 76 Solar is here to help you find the best energy reduction solution for you (even if solar is not a good fit).


Home Improvement - 27 years
Solar Education - 12 years
Solar Finance - 9 years
Consulting - 5 years

Solar Education

We literally “wrote the book” on solar power for homeowners. Get your FREE copy by clicking here. It includes our 21-point checklist to protect you and your home.

Own the Sun

Owning your own system makes sense for most homeowners. Read our FREE book to see why owning beats leasing by 10 to 1.

Tax Credits

Current energy credits from state and local governments DIRECTLY reduce your tax bill (Only when you own). Some of these credits are scheduled to expire. Want to know which ones?


Owning your solar equipment in most cases is LESS expensive than leasing. With our popular financing options, you can leverage not just the power of the sun, but the equity in your solar power plant.


Solar energy is NOT for everyone. In some cases, the benefits are not significant and your home’s leakage may be extreme. Can the leaks in your home be plugged?

Extreme Service

Our alliances with the top manufacturers and licensed installers gives you the confidence of working with expert installers & customer service professionals, zealously dedicated to impress you.