Solar energy for your home can be complex, confusing and downright frustrating.3dsingle-transparentx3

  • Should you lease or own?
  • Who contacts the utility company?
  • How will solar panels affect my home’s equity?
  • Do I need to cut down any tress?

The list is endless…

At 76 solar, our mission is to not to merely educate, but to empower consumers about the benefits AND pitfalls of solar energy. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns when it comes to solar. For every group of success stories there is a horror story about a homeowner who couldn’t sell their home or a home that leaked energy so badly, all the costs savings evaporated.

To empower you, we’ve written a book, “Steps to Zero” and how to work towards a zero utility bill. The book sample gives you a great idea on how to get closer to a “zero” utility bill.. To get a full copy, schedule¬†one of our complimentary trainings and we’ll deliver to you the unfiltered truth about solar and how it can impact YOU and YOUR home.