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The amount of information (and commonly held myths) regarding solar increases exponentially every day. Do you qualify? What it the best system for you? How will it affect your home’s equity? What if the utility company changes its rates? The list is endless.

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76 Solar will dissolve away your confusion…permanently.

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76 Solar doesn’t stop with education. After you know the facts (and discover if you qualify) you’ll be smarter than the average consumer and better prepared to make the best decision for you. Our alliances with the top manufacturers and “neat-freak” installers will amaze and delight you.

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An educated consumer is one who is empowered and moves confidently in the right direction. As any of our customers…heck, you can even ask those who learned from us and who are not our customers. The answer you’ll get is the same: Our mission to educate and empower with integrity is our singular focus.

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  • "I've always had an interest in solar. Getting information online was confusing and contained mostly advertisements (which just added to the confusion!). 76 Solar cut through the clutter and gave us the clarity we were seeking. We've reduced our utility costs by over $137/month and our home just appraised for about $20,000 MORE since we went solar. Thanks!"
    Sara Reed

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U.S. decision watched in dispute over solar imports from China, Taiwan

(Reuters) – American trade officials on Friday will take a first step on potentially extending import duties on Chinese solar energy products to also cover panels made with parts from Taiwan, in a case that could have a major impact on the fast-growing U.S. solar market.

The U.S. International Trade Commission is scheduled to make a preliminary decision at 11 a.m. EST (1600 GMT) on whether there is good reason to think that the imports threaten or injure the domestic solar industry.

SolarWorld, which makes crystalline silicon solar panels at its factory in Hillsboro, Oregon, has complained that Chinese manufacturers are sidestepping the duties by shifting production of the cells used to make their panels to Taiwan and continuing to flood the U.S. market with cheap products.

Shayle Kann, senior vice president at solar market research firm GTM Research, said a decision to broaden the duties would have a greater impact than the 2012 decision as manufacturers have no handy escape route.

“Either the manufacturers will have to set up manufacturing elsewhere or they will have to pay the tariff. Either way, the impact will be a lot more than it was the last time around,” he said.

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